After 30 years in the furniture business, with multiple brands under my belt (many you may have heard of) I finally had enough of the status quo.

I decided to build a brand that I truly loved. Something that had soul and reflected my surroundings. Something that wasn't basic bitch. Something that harkened back to my upbringing in California, but still felt relatable to everyone. Not just the east and west coasts. I wanted to add art that came from the streets, and design inspired by some of the greats like Charles Eames, Donald Judd, and Saarinen.

Here in California, it's hard not to be inspired by the creative entrepreneurs and innovative brands that infuse technology and design throughout their entire look and feel. Ok, so maybe we're a bit weird here in California, but you can't say we don't get design.

So, welcome to my latest brand. I hope it inspires you just as I am inspired to share more of what I truly love for the home and what I call "California Luxury."

- Edgar Blazona

California Luxury is a blend of the finer things in life without all the snootiness.

We take the best parts of luxury, but play it cool. It's not big words and fancy retail hype that make up this form of luxury. We downplay all that. It's quality materials that are well-crafted and designed to outlast trends. It’s casual simplicity at its highest form.

We build it right.